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TIK Skalica

Cycling tourism

Cycling Tourism

The tourism -  the tourists can find their paths everywhere and the surroundings of Skalica are created for less and more difficult walks in the White Carpathian nature. You can go to the nearby Skalicka´s ponds and from there to the border river Morava, you can walk among hundreds of Skalica´s vineyards or go to holiday resort Goldsmith valley, where several hiking trails start and end on the foothills of the White Carpathians.

Basic routes:

0704 Red marked route

railway station Skalica - Stračinský mill - Čupy (547m) - Bukovina (583m) - Kobyla (583m)

8129 Yellow marked route

Salaš - Zlatnícka dolina (290 m) - Brestovská alley - Čupy (547 m) - Chvojnica - Vrbovce

2415 Blue marked route

Zlatnicka dolina (290m) - Mills

5115 Green marked route

Mlýnky - Čupy (574m) - Dubový vrch (470m) – Lopašov


Hiking trails on the map

Cycling tourism

 Where can you go by bike? It is interesting to ride through all corners of the historical town of Skalica and see all the sights. Or you can go to Ponds, the Morava River, the port on the Perun´s meadow, or  for the fitter tourists there are marked cycling paths. The ideal trip on a bicycle is the bank of the Morava River, which has been well-adapted for these purposes. It  is possible to walk to Bratislava after connecting to the Záhorská cycle route along the river current.  Against the current of the river, a cyclist can cross the state border, go to Strážnice, for example, rent a boat and spend pleasant moments on the water.

Marked cycling routes around Skalica:

1. Záhorská Cyklomagistrála

Devín - Zohor - Malacky - Gajary - Race - Šaštín - Holíč - Skalica - Senica.

The cycle path sign is red.

2. Route "A"

Skalica – Goldsmith valley.

The bike path sign is blue, length 23 km.

3. Route "B"

Skalica - Baťa canal (state border of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic).

The bike path sign is yellow, length 3.2 km.

4. Route "C"

Skalica - Skalické vinohrady - Prietržka - Vrádište.

The bike path sign is green, length 16.7 km.

Bike routes on the map

Nature trails

Educational trails are marked in the country in various forms of marked tourist and excursion routes with various lengths and focus, which are created in naturally, but also culturally or historically interesting or typical areas. Within these routes, some selected objects, phenomena or attractions are explained separately, mostly on information panels, which are built on the  educational trails. Nature trails are part of the information system, which also includes educational sites, historical paths and open-air museums.

Educational sites are a naturally, culturally-historically and landscape-valuable area with a high informative value. They represent a predominantly enclosed space in the interior or exterior with or without built facilities, where these values ​​created by nature or man-made values are exhibited.

At present, educational trails represent an integral part of the Slovak country and their focus is much more varied and specialized. Already in the names of educational trails, names  such as forestry, mining, ecological, historical, hunting, environmental, etc. appear. Today, nature trails participate in the presentation of micro-regions and municipalities, their history, culture and natural conditions, as well as in the promotion of the activities of various organizations, including schools and civic associations.


The White Carpathians Nature Trail goes through Goldsmith Valley, which consists of seven educational panels, where  visitors are provided with the most important data on ethnography, history, geography of this area, animals, fauna of the White Carpathians, the history of fishing and hunting in Slovakia and also provide valuable information on conservation of nature in the White Carpathians.

In addition to this nature trail in Zlatnícká dolina, there are two other nature trails in the vicinity of Skalica:

Nature trail Abanonded meander Lipa and Perun´s meadow

As part of the Perún´s project, the Morava River and its richness, an educational trail was created for nature lovers on the Perun´s meadow, which maps the typical fauna and flora of this interesting area.

Basic information about the nature trail:

Region: Trnava

District: Skalica

Protected area: PLA Záhorie, CHA Dead arm Lipa PP Kátov´s meander

Starting point: Skalica – Snack bar  U Kapra

Route: within the area of ​​Perun´s meadow

Length: 500 m

Transition time: 30 min. up to 1 hour

Number of stops: 8

Trail´s  focus: natural sciences

Trail type: self-service, round, pedestrian, summer, winter

Difficulty of the terrain: easy

Link to the tourist sign: yellow sign

Access: Skalica – Skalica´s  onds (Snack bar U Kapra). Skalica´s ponds are located 1 km from the city center with good access for cars and bicycles. One of the bike paths goes through them (yellow sign) and they are on their way to the port in Perun´s meadow

Year of opening, guarantor: 2005, CHKO Záhorie

Close - by educational nature trails: Nature trail around Sobotište and Nature trail in Turá Lúka.

Names of information panels

1. Birds

2. Floodplain forests

3. Flora

4. Vertebrates

5. Beetles

6. Butterflies, Mollusks

7. Morava River

8. Geological, geomorphological and pedological conditions

You can also find information about the nature trail at:


Educational trail Viticulture

This educational trail thematically touches on history, culture and nature.

Basic information about the nature trail:

Type: self-service, text, graphic, summer, linear

Difficulty: easy

Graphics: used folklore elements, colorful ornaments of viticultural character, each board contains a map and service (vineyard tour, wine tasting ...)

Starting point: road to the vineyard part of town, by the bridge

Route length: approx. 1.5 km

Number of stops: 6

Protected areas: Vintoperk

Board names:

1. History of viticulture

2. Vineyard huts and districts

3. Typical vine varieties in Skalica

4. Veterník Nature Reserve

5. Skalica´s trdelník and Skalica´s torte - the secret of their production

6. Folklore and costumes

Information about the nature trail can also be found at:

Nature and sport

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