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Baťa Canal - Skalica Harbor

The Baťa Canal is an inland waterway in the Czech Republic, partly also in Slovakia, which is used for recreational boat cruises.

It starts from Otrokovice to Skalica, but it also connects to the navigable sections of the Morava River from the town of Kroměříž to the town of Otrokovice and from Skalica to Rohatec and Hodonín, to where the connection is planned.

The Baťa canal was established in the 1930s as a project for irrigation of the area. Its navigable use was not expected. It was later used to transport of coal. It received its official name "Baťa Canal" on May 1, 1960 with the participation of Tomáš Baťa Jr. and the popular name "Baťák" was restored. The navigation route of the Baťa Canal begins in the Czech Republic with the port of Otrokovice (in Baťov) and ends on Slovak territory in the harbor of Skalica, which has been a part of its construction since the beginning. Today, the port of Skalica offers you the opportunity to rent a boat and cruise on this waterway. It also offers the possibility of cruises for schools and organized groups.


If you are interested in information (price list, cruises and others), visit the website - BAŤA CANAL PORT SKALICA

Presentation video of Baťa's canal HERE!

A way to the port by car, bus, caravan:

red route - road for cars purple route - road for buses, caravans, trucks

The way to the Skalica harbor is marked by white arrows with a black inscription Baťa Canal. For buses and caravans, the road leads across the railway crossing along a paved road, where it feeds on the asphalt road to the port by the bridge (blue route). For cars, there is a suitable road leading along the main road out of town, in front of the turn there are crossroads, on the left side the exit between the barriers down a slight hill under the bridge to the right, where the asphalt road to the harbor begins (red route).

Travel to the harbor by train / bus: If you travel to Skalica by train / bus, get off at the train station, which is approx. 4.5 km. It is about 45 minutes' walk away. You can also use the TAXI service.


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