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Guided tours at Skalica´s monuments

The city of Skalica offers its visitors a total of 12 monuments. Guiding takes place throughout the year in the form of a guided tour, which can be ordered at TIK Skalica seven days a week.

The city of Skalica offers its visitors a total of 12 monuments. Guiding takes place throughout the year in the form of a guided tour, which can be ordered at TIK Skalica seven days a week. You choose the time of the tour, its duration and also the selection of monuments. As a rule, 3 monuments can be visited in 1 hour.

The standard tour of the town of Skalica, rules for booking of a sightseeing tour (available 7 days a week):

• the tour must be booked at TIK Skalica in advance (min. 1 day), in person, by phone or email, in case of a church tour 3 days in advance

• the tour normally starts in front of the Tourist Information Office, where the guide picks up the tourists or, according to the agreement, there is a meeting at the selected monument

• the length of the tour is normally 1 hour (access to approx. 3 monuments chosen by the tourist), in case of interest in more monuments we charge every started half  hour

• Possibility of payment by invoice, cash or card

• the language in which the tour will be done needs to be stated (Slovak, English, German, French)

• Price list of services - tour of the town of Skalica

Sights of Skalica that you can visit:

St. George Rotunda - The original Romanesque building probably dates from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries (but the most recent is the first half of the 11th century). In later times, it was rebuilt in Gothic and Baroque style. The upper part, connected to the fortifications, served a defensive function, the lower part served as a chapel. - Virtual tour

Franciscan Church of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows and the monastery - The buildings of the church and the monastery have been rebuilt and expanded several times in the past centuries. Today, there also belongs the so-called Black kitchen, where Skalický trdelník is prepared in the traditional way  , in addition to the monastery building,   the church, and the so-called paradise yard.

House of Culture - The Art Nouveau building has been preserved in its original condition to this day. The project was designed by architect Dušan Jurkovič, who was inspired by folk architecture. The building is decorated with exterior mosaic decoration by Mikoláš Aleš, the walls and curtain of the large theater hall are decorated with paintings with figural themes by Jozef Úprka and Antoš Frolka. In the part of the first floor there is a permanent exposition of The Záhorské Museum and The Gallery of Július Korezsko.

Parish Church of St. Michal Archangel and the church tower - Originally a single-nave church, it was rebuilt into a three-nave basilica in the late Gothic period. The church burned down several times, it was rebuilt and repaired. The original building is complemented by a massive tower that offers a view of Skalica and its surroundings. - Virtual tour

Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier - From the artistically valuable decoration of the church , the architecture and stucco decoration of the main altar, part of the frescoes in the side chapel of the Virgin Mary have been preserved, where is the entrance to the crypts and the altar painting , which is one of the largest in Slovakia. It underwent a complex reconstruction in 2011 and today it is the dominant feature of the cultural - educational tourism in Skalica.

The Ice house - The ice house was used in the past to store food. The ice for  Ice houses  was transported from the neighbouring water areas on dog sleds. The complex of town ice houses and cellars is one of the important and attractive documents of the modern history of the Skalica´s town economy and it is a rare technical monument.

The Mill of Pilárik brothers - The Pilárik brothers originally bought a water mill in the 1920s. The old mill was demolished and a new modern three-storey electric one was built. The mill then served the people from Skalica and from surrounding villages for decades until 1962, when it was definitively closed. It is currently being renovated and opened to public.

The Protestant church – The protestant Classicist Church has the late Baroque elements. In 1938, a tower was added to it according to the project of arch. Dušan Jurkovič with the inscription "In the memory of  J.A. Komenský 1650". The interior of the church has a classicist wooden decoration.

Church of the Holy Trinity and the Monastery of the Merciful Brothers - The Church of the Holy Trinity was built in the years 1645 - 1650, originally as a protestant church. After reconstructions and extensions,  according to the project of M. M. Harminc, the monastery building continues to serve as a hospital. The Church of the Holy Trinity is a rare monument of Baroque art.

The exhibition of letterpress- The beginning of the letterpress in Skalica can be dated to the early 70s of the 17th century, when the Jesuits founded a book printing house. It was bought in 1760 by Václav Šulc and it was later sold to Jozef Antonín Škarnicl. With him the history of the Škarniclovská printing house started in 1769, when for four generations of this family (for almost 130 years) they became part of the Slovak national culture.


Summer tourist season

During the summer tourist season (May 21 - September 18, 2022) all our monuments will be open every Saturday and Sunday. In each of the 12 monuments there is a guide, who provides tourists with an explanation of the monument from 12:00 to 18:00.  The guiding works based on The Tourist Passport, which you can buy at the Tourist Information Office, which is open during the season at weekends from 10:00 to 18:00. The tourist pass will allow you to enter each monument throughout the weekend when it was purchased.

The tourist passport can also be purchased at the St George Rotunda, where it is possible to buy only a one off ticket for 1 €  for  the Rotunda itself.

The tourist passport prices:

- adults 5 € - students 3,50 €

- children (6-12 years), seniors, disabled 2 €

- children up to 6 years  - free


Monuments included in the Tourist Passport:

1. House of Culture, 2. Parish Church of St. Michal Archangel, 3. Tower of the parish church, 4. St. George Rotunda  5. Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier, 6. Franciscan Church of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows, 7. Franciscan Monastery, 8. The protestant church and tower, 9. Church of the Holy Trinity, 10. Ice House, 11. The mill of the Pilárik Brothers, 12. The exhibition of letterpress.

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