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Gastronomic specialties of Skalica

Skalica´s trdelník, Skalica´s wines and Skalica´s torte.

In addition to its unique architectural structure and rich cultural life, Skalica can also be proud of their tasty specialties that taste just right only in Záhorie. One of our most famous specialties is the sweet goodness "Skalický trdelník". No Skalica wedding can be without the unique "Skalica´s high torte". The slightly spicy taste of ginger, underlining the sweet taste, characterizes the specialty of the atypical shape of "Skalica´s ginger cakes", which wonderfully complements the experience of drinking wine. However, Skalica is not only a city of confectionery, but also has other specialties such as Šumajster or Fazolnica. Lovers of good wine, who can taste the local Blue Frank wine or Skalica´s ruby wine, will also enjoy themselves.

Gastronomic specialties of Skalica - brochure

Skalica´s trdelník

It is a sweet specialty from walnut dough, the production of which has a long tradition. At the end of the 18th century, the retired Hungarian general (otherwise also a philosopher and poet), Count József Gvadányi, settled in Skalica and later recruited a chef from Transylvania. And it was he who brought the recipe for making trdelník. At the end of 2004, the Skalica´s trdelník civic association was established, the main goal of which is to maintain the tradition of the original production of this specialty on an open fire.

As part of a demanding reconstruction of the historic complex of Franciscan buildings, the so-called space was adapted in one of the rooms of the monastery. black kitchen, in which the production of trdelník "in the old way" is currently taking place. Skalica protects the excellent name of Skalica´s trdelník. In October 2007, Skalica´s trdelník was the first Slovak food product to receive the European Union trademark, and thanks to Skalica´s trdelník, Slovakia has the first trademark duly registered by the European Commission. By granting the trademark, the geographical area where Skalica´s trdelník can be produced has been defined. Only trdelníks produced in the Skalica and Senica districts bordered by the Morava, Teplica and Myjava rivers and the Czech border will have the designation Skalica´s trdelník.


You can buy Skalica´s trdelník, production and sale:

Winery At Franciscans - production and sale of Skalica´s trdelník, sale of wines from local winemakers, guided tasting of regional wines

Winery „ Pri hájku“ - production and sale of Skalica´s trdelník, wine and gastronomy services,

LARK s.r.o. - production and sale of Skalica´s trdelník, services in the field of catering and gastronomy

Skalica´s blue frank wine - is a popular variety that acquires its characteristic taste through local microclimatic conditions. It is a typical variety in this wine region. Skalica´s ruby wine ​​- a world-famous wine from the Skalica´s wine-growing region and  it is characterized by its color, after which it got its name. It is a mixture of Skalica´s blue frank wine, St. Lawrence wine and Blue Portugal varieties.

Skalica´s torte is a product of confectionery-decorative, very specific character. It is made in Skalica and is also used there for wedding receptions. It is made from edible ingredients, but is still not served as a dessert after a meal. It is very fragile and its handmade production is demanding. It developed as part of the wedding customs in Skalica. The real Skalica´s wedding lasted a week, so the cake had to be adjusted in such a way that it wouldn't go wrong. At the same time, it has developed into a beautiful decorative element as it should be for a wedding.

 Šumajstr is a meatless dish originating from Moravia. It is a mixture of semolina and beans sprinkled with greaves and onions.

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